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Elevate your SME with small business coaching services in Brisbane

Having a big idea is not enough to succeed in the cut-throat world of small business, as you face a sea of competition. It’s important to set yourself apart from the rest and stand out.

To ensure that your SME (small-medium enterprise) succeeds, you need every competitive advantage you can get. You need someone in your corner that understands the DNA of successful SMEs and can help you stay one step ahead of the competition at all times.

As with learning any skill, coaching can improve your chances of success when starting up your own SME. Small and large companies can benefit from trained coaches. By establishing your vision and objectives, I can help you to acquire the skills you need to run your SME successfully.


Business coaching enables you to set goals and be accountable to them

During your company’s first year, what are you hoping to achieve? What about more long-term?

Unless your company knows what financial, environmental and consumer goals it should pursue, it will be hard to develop strategies that succeed. Most CEOs and owners, particularly in start-ups, lack time or experience to formulate realistic or measurable goals.

The overall objective of being successful is incomparable. As an experienced mentor, I can help you set, plan and meet your targets. Creating relevant, attainable goals can assist you in tracking and evaluating your progress, but also inspire clients to continue in their pursuit as they meet small milestones.

Celebrating goals and keeping a can-do mindset is essential, but being held accountable is vital. Here at NextThought, I’m here to guide you and ensure that you’re accountable for all of your decisions and meeting your deadlines.


Business coaching can improve your team as well

Becoming a better manager is one part of excelling in the world of small business, but having a productive and efficient team behind you is essential. As well as direct training with yourself and your managers, as your personal coach I can work with your team members as individuals and help them develop better skills in:

  • Direct reporting relationships
  • Developing a working relationship with their manager
  • Enhancing teamwork
  • Conflict resolution and reduction
  • Client relationships 

Introduce yourself to NextThought today. Let me get to know you and your team, whatever stage your company is at. I can provide all of the support and guidance you need to grow and succeed in your career.

While NextThought is based in Brisbane, I also offer Zoom sessions for people all over the world. This model can sometimes provide more effective support because it’s more personal and time-efficient. Get in touch with me today for an initial consultation.

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