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It is by ensuring that our next thoughts are positive we can root out the weeds and bloom. 

I then can mentor you as you implement the new systems into your life. 

It is by assessing your thinking that I can then mentor your as you implement new systems into your life. I know the importance of having someone who knows and understands where you have been and where you want to go. Let me provide that support throughout your transformation. I can provide all of this via Zoom and other online platforms.

Tutoring is available for school and university students. I call this tutoring because there is an element of direct teaching. Where I see gaps, I will teach literacy skills. When I worked for Education Queensland, I created an IMPACT instructional design model. It ensures all phases of new learning have connected in the student’s brain.

It was later developed more fully and is used throughout Education Queensland. I developed this Model when I was conducting workshops throughout Australia for teachers to learn how to use software in their classrooms. In its simplest form it is a teaching process that has many layers and embeds many learning theories.

I –        Inspire, Reason for new learning

M –      Model, new learning present in Auditory, Visual and kinaesthetic modes

P-         Practise, provide lots of real-life examples

A –      Apply, use in different contexts

C –      Communicate, teach someone else the new learning and

T –       Transform, receive feedback.

Very often, only the second and third steps are used. My main focus is to guide the student to be getting the most out of their classroom experience. I can help students pose questions that will allow them to improve their understanding. Sometimes students get lost and suffer embarrassment because they don’t know how to phrase a question. I can also teach writing skills in different genres.

If you are operating a small business and need proof reading of documents, my experience as an English teacher will ensure you present your documents correctly and professionally.

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