We all have obstacles that we would like to overcome, helping us to grow as individuals. Unfortunately, for many of us, this journey of self-development can be challenging without the right support and guidance.

This is where NextThought can offer a guiding hand to help you identify the areas of change and potential goals you want to set for yourself.

My name is Janelle Cameron, and as a qualified and experienced life coach and career advisor, I am dedicated to providing my Rochdale clientele with the tools necessary to actualise the change they have been longing for. When you have someone in your corner to support and direct your efforts, it has been proven that the likelihood of successful and long-term change is drastically increased. With decades of experience facilitating both personal coaching and business coaching, I am committed to providing support to clients with individual and corporate needs, and help them overcome societal obstacles, expectations, and outdated perceptions.

Work with a Professional Life Coach & Career Advisor

I am excited to offer my personal coaching and business coaching services to the residents of Rochdale, providing support as they pursue their ambitions and explore new systems to enrich and develop their lives. With my 35-year history as an educator, life coach and career advisor, I incorporate direct teaching strategies into my sessions using an IMPACT instructional designs model of my own creation. Using this structure in a peer-to-peer format enables my clients to recognise obstacles in their lives for themselves, preparing them to tackle these challenges in a healthy, structured way.

By utilising online conferencing tools like Zoom, I can offer my Rochdale clients the opportunity to experience quality personal coaching sessions wherever they are and at any time. Each client will have their own preferred means of communication, so I am available for contact over the phone, via email, using an online platform or meeting in person. Whatever the format, I am dedicated to offering the best resources and guidance to ensure that my clients are consistently geared towards success.

Take Advantage of Business & Personal Coaching in Rochdale Today

Having trouble getting started on the next chapter of your life? Take advantage of our complimentary, 30-minute one to one assessment and planning session with NextThought that will help to identify the various aspects of your life needing improvement. Work with an experienced life coach and career advisor in Rochdale to set and meet the goals you have been dreaming about. If you would like to know more about the personal and business coaching services available through NextThought, contact me on 0400 929 181 or email me at [email protected].