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Reclaim your happiness through my mindfulness workshop

Most of us lead busy lives – working, studying, dating, playing sports, shopping, using modern technology, taking care of our families, volunteering, etc. Consequently, our attention is divided, resulting in an exhausting and confusing mental juggling act that restricts our ability to focus on our happiness and prioritise what is essential.

While mindfulness originated from Buddhist meditation traditions, it has been clinically proven to be a practical approach to managing stress, pain and mental health. I can show you how through our program available in Brisbane and online.


My mindfulness workshop helps to restore calm and balance

Stress comes in many forms, and it can be highly debilitating and block our path to true happiness. Federal Government figures show that around 2.4 million Australians have “reported high or very high levels of psychological distress,” and this figure continues to rise every year.

You may be experiencing stress due to career-related tension, family issues or a trauma you have personally experienced. Indirectly, it can be as a result of a loved one having a severe illness. Sometimes, this pressure limits a person’s ability to live a fulfilling and productive life because of the ongoing impact.

Chronically elevated hormone levels and blood pressure, with consistent and ongoing heart rate increases, can lead to detrimental health effects, including high blood pressure, heart disease and obesity. However, you can take action to manage this by being aware of the symptoms. Mindfulness is a powerful way to address this.


How my workshops help you overcome personal stress and trauma

I offer weekly sessions at our Brisbane location and Zoom sessions so that anyone from around the world can attend. You’ll also be given the techniques and tools to practice achieving mindfulness at home between sessions.

This training will help you:

  • Enhance your self-awareness and self-control
  • Reduce the effects of anxiety and stress
  • Gain a greater sense of satisfaction and gratitude
  • Become more focused and concentrated


We can use techniques to overcome psychological obstacles, attain our goals and enjoy a fulfilling life. This is a fusion of yoga, meditation and coaching that guides you into new ways of thinking, slow down your racing thoughts and calm your body to allow room for new perspectives and growth. Mindfulness is a skill, and like any skill it requires consistent training to achieve.


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I am available to assist with goal setting, motivation, anxiety management and overcoming any issue affecting your performance.

Our mindfulness workshops and individual coaching sessions are both available in Brisbane and via Zoom. Give me a call today and get started on your road to improving your lifestyle and happiness.

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