Tutor • Mentor • Coach • Neurochange practitioner/mentor • Mindset Coach specialising in overcoming addictions


Frequently Asked Questions

Life COACH: using the IMPACT methodology to teach you where necessary new ways of thinking and guide you to how to emotionally transformation your own life.

Educator FACILITATOR: Accessing thirty – five years of experience teaching with fifteen of those as Leader in Education Queensland. I was one of the first elearning leaders. I facilitated face to face professional learning with online support to large numbers of teachers across Australia.

MENTOR: Peer to peer to unblock obstacles to exceed goals.
Inspirational SPEAKER: From Despair to Daring to Dream – a personal story

Tutor: Teach students how to communicate effectively to empower them to succeed. Be a guide on the side while they learn to access the learning opportunities provided by their teacher.

You can have the first 45 minute coaching session as a complimentary way for us to find out if we will be a great partnership.

You can purchase packages of One on One coaching with every 6th session complimentary.

Yes, free copies of all thinking models are provided in print.

Yes, there are 3 separate online self paced modules. You pay a one off cost that provides you with the resources for ever. It is yours to keep. You can combine them with one on one coaching.

I believe that the research that shows being told to have tutoring even when offered in a kind loving way sends the message to the student that they are not enough. I believe that students can be taught to better understand the teacher’s communication style and how to ask the best questions to gain the support they need.           

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