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English coaching classes online

About 1.5 billion people speak English worldwide, which is a fifth of the world’s population. It is the main language of international communication. Over the centuries, it has become the language of global industry, business, medicine, science, technology and law. Whether you are visiting Australia for the first time, working, studying or looking to become a permanent resident, I can help you develop your skills so you can make the most of your life in Australia. I also offer classes online via Zoom, so I can help you from any country in the world. After our classes, you’ll be able to communicate effectively in so many countries around the world – therefore allowing you to explore, travel more freely and gain a better understanding of the places you visit. In addition to supporting better communication, speaking English as a second language can increase your memory, while also helping you to be more creative and build your problem-solving skills. This unlocks many opportunities.  

How my English coaching classes can help you

There are teachers, then there are coaches – and there is a big difference between the two. Generally, foreign languages are taught by qualified teachers. A teacher is responsible for setting the curriculum and answering the student’s questions in a traditional learning environment. With a coach, you can set your own goals and learn about what you want to learn. They will also help you to solve a specific problem and find answers to your questions. I help my students to overcome any obstacles they face. In addition to helping them remove any negative beliefs they have about themselves, I also teach my students self-confidence techniques and learning methods that are tailored to their individual needs. I help them to navigate the challenges of foreign languages in business environments.  

English coaching near me or overseas

Learning to read and speak this language will help you increase your career opportunities. No matter where you are in the world, this is the main dialect used in the international workforce, and therefore the skill is highly sought-after. Whether you have already arrived in Australia or you’re planning to move from afar, I am here to help you learn with programs that have been tailored to your strengths and meet your challenges. You can enjoy personal coaching here in Brisbane, or I offer Zoom sessions while you are still overseas. You can give yourself a headstart and arrive in Australia feeling confident communicating, moving around and understanding the local culture. Speak to me today – I am here to guide you and answer any questions you have. I can also work with you one-on-one with small business mentoring services to prepare you for the Australian workforce. Give yourself the best chance of success, and contact me today.

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