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Beat your drug addiction with life coaching services in Brisbane

Addiction can destroy lives in so many different ways. Not only can it impact the user’s health, but it also affects their social network, family and community, too.

Drug dependence is a significant problem in Australia. It is estimated that around one in every twenty Australians has a substance abuse problem, leading to long-term changes and damage to the brain and other organs in the body. Substance abuse is also one of the major causes of mental illness. 

As an addiction or recovery coach, I provide the guidance needed to help you make better life decisions.

Recovery coaching is a support method for people with addictions, especially those who are dependent on substances. The primary responsibility of a recovery coach is to assist their clients in maintaining their sobriety by:

  • Identifying triggers
  • Devising coping strategies
  • Finding other forms of support and resources
  • Supporting the decision-making process with goal-setting
  • Helping to navigate a sober lifestyle 

I can also assist in other areas, including your career, education, relationships, spirituality, sleep and routine, along with various other issues.


A drug addiction coach will keep you accountable

I can connect you with someone who understands your struggles and wants to help you make the best of your situation. I will guide you on how to be accountable in several areas of your life. We must hold ourselves accountable, or else we will not live a full and healthy life.

It’s a vital part of recovery to have friends, family members and counsellors who can help us hold ourselves accountable for our actions and thoughts. As a result, we’re more likely to stay on track and stay focused on the things that matter.


Access leading treatment in Brisbane

A treatment program is designed to help addicts stop compulsively using and searching for drugs or alcohol. The treatment process can take many forms, occur in many settings, and last for various amounts of time.

A one-time, individual-focused treatment usually isn’t sufficient to address addiction, as it’s typically a chronic disease characterised by relapses. For many people, treatment will involve multiple interventions over a long period, along with regular monitoring.

There are many aspects to your treatment plan, including individual and group therapy, behavioural therapy, medications, specialist appointments for health issues, relationship counselling and more.

I will help connect you to the best services and manage these as part of your journey.

The road to recovery starts with that vital first step. Start the journey toward a better tomorrow by giving me a call today. My services are also available through Zoom worldwide.

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