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Land your dream job with career counselling in Brisbane

Career coaches help to identify our personal goals, develop leadership skills and plan employment moves. This involves assistance in locating job opportunities, reviewing resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and preparing for job interviews.

Here at NextThought, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I don’t just want to help you find a new position in your current field – that would be moving sideways. Instead, I want to catapult you to the position you’ve always dreamed of, one you perhaps believed to be unattainable.

Changing employment requires various steps. There’ll likely be obstacles along the way, and at times this can be an overwhelming process. However, it’s my goal to support and guide you as you strive for more satisfying work. I’ve been there, so I know how it feels to be disenchanted and disillusioned about the future.

  • Find a way out of the rut: Don’t let yourself be overlooked. It’s my job to make sure you get noticed to receive the offer or promotion you deserve.
  • Don’t settle for less than you’re worth: With my help, you can find a meaningful path that’s better aligned with your goals.
  • Accelerate your success: Develop the confidence to take on opportunities and fast-track your success.


Leap forward with career counselling in Brisbane

There is a common misconception that this form of mentoring is just for students deciding what their post-school vocation will be. While this is a valuable form of employment mentoring, it differs significantly from what I offer at NextThought.

When developing a plan, I adopt a holistic approach and consider all aspects of your life. You have to take a step back, look at the big picture, decide what you want and put together a plan to get you there, your job being one ingredient. I will guide you through this process and help accelerate your career – and your life.


Career counselling vs coaching – what’s the difference?

A counsellor uses an educational, directive approach to develop the tools necessary for acquiring a job. A personal coach will listen to your concerns and help you determine how to resolve them.

I will help you identify and set your goals then, crucially, take action toward achieving them using various tools, exercises and activities. Here at NextThought, you can take advantage of all of these services.

I’ll work with you to find the best approach to landing that dream job or promotion, developing your small business and building your brand personality. My services are available in-person in Brisbane or via Zoom from anywhere in the world.

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