When we aren’t in the right headspace, or the pressures of everyday life start to become suffocating, it can be easy to fall back into habits that may provide comfort, but don’t challenge or excel us in the ways that we need. In order to break out of this cycle, we sometimes need to rely on the support and guidance of someone we trust within our lives, giving us the strength to make a change for the better.

My name is Janelle Cameron, and I started NextThought to provide this exact support to my clientele throughout the Brisbane CBD and surrounds. I, too, have confronted some difficult events in my own life, and am therefore incredibly passionate about offering both personal coaching and business coaching services, with all efforts targeted towards building a greater sense of empowerment, and the strength to pursue your best life.

As a career advisor and a life coach, I create personalised sessions in which my clients have access to a selection of resources that enable them to realise their goals, create strategies to overcome obstacles that could be impeding their growth, and actively see real results. This method is supported by a wealth of data, stating how an individual or team is increasingly more likely to achieve a particular goal when they are surrounded by supportive people offering direction and assistance.

Develop Strategies for Self-Improvement with a Qualified Life Coach & Career Advisor

My experience comes from 35 years as a trained educator, life coach and career advisor, and in my time, I have refined the one to one personal coaching sessions I offer to include a selection of teaching methodologies, as well as having my clients work through my own IMPACT instructional design model. Together, we work on a peer-to-peer structure, as this helps clients absorb the new strategies we have created to enact real change in their everyday lives, including breaking down barriers and achieving their set ambitions.

It isn’t always practical to reserve time every week to physically travel to an office for a session. That’s outdated. Instead, I am happy to operate through the platforms that best work with your schedule, such as on the phone, via email, using video conferencing tools like Zoom, as well as, of course, in person. This flexibility allows us to work on your self-improvement no matter the time of day, or where you are located throughout the Brisbane CBD and beyond.

Learn More on Our Selection of Tailored Personal & Business Coaching Services

At NextThought, we provide a free, 30-minute assessment and planning session, that is conducted one-on-one to first review the specific areas of your life you would like to improve, better preparing my services as a life coach or career advisor in the Brisbane CBD. Get started today by contacting me on 0400 929 181, or sending an email to [email protected].