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What Is Organisational Coaching And What Are The Benefits?


Every company will encounter employees who don’t fit the culture, can’t meet KPIs, and struggle to improve despite consistent intervention & education strategies.

But what about when it is entire teams?

Poor communication, a lack of support systems, inadequate resourcing, and unclear direction are some of the common issues causing isolated teams to either operate below their potential performance or fail altogether.

Whether you’re a multi-national in Melbourne or Brisbane, or a family organisation in the heart of Canberra or Adelaide, the solution isn’t to just make incremental and surface-level alterations. Instead, it may be time to enlist the services of a trained business coach to employ tailored organisational coaching plans and strategies to overhaul your daily operations.

What is Organisational Coaching?

Organisational coaching is a process designed to help both individuals and larger groups within an organisation to improve their performance and enact systemic changes. It involves working with a dedicated business coach (or coaches) to understand company objectives, identify areas where improvement is most needed, and then develop and implement strategies to address them.

As these organisational coaching strategies are rolled out, they will usually diverge into different tailored action plans for separate roles and groups. A business coach will then incorporate executive and team coaching elements to better cater to their audience.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is targeted toward the leaders in the organisational structure. From the C-suite down to the line managers, everyone has the potential to improve not only their performance in terms of output, but also in how they collaborate with and motivate the people around them.

A business coach working either one-on-one with separate individuals, or conducting group sessions, can help leaders develop the skills they need to be successful, including conflict resolution, managing staff, and even improving on their own deliverables. This can prove especially useful for new leaders transitioning into their roles, or seasoned members of leadership teams who could benefit from learning new approaches.

Team Coaching

Organisational coaching naturally extends beyond the executive team. Your business or career coach will spend plenty of time with front-of-house teams, delivery teams, support teams, auxiliary services and teams, and any others within the wider company to ensure a cohesive structure.

Team coaching can help individuals and groups to improve their performance by addressing issues such as communication, goal setting and task management. It can also help team members develop their skills and abilities to better understand their role within the team.

Why Consider Organisational Coaching?

When implemented correctly, organisational coaching can be an extremely valuable tool for businesses of all sizes and offers a range of benefits, such as:

Improved Morale

When employees feel like they are supported and that their company is invested in their development, they are more likely to be engaged and motivated when they clock in each morning. This can lead to increased productivity and overall satisfaction with one’s job.

Increased Employee Engagement

What’s more, when employees feel like they are constantly learning and growing, they are more likely to be engaged in their work. Yes, this helps improve productivity, but it also promotes more engagement with the broader organisation, building greater collaboration, relationship building, and ongoing discretional effort.

Bolster Employee, Partner & Customer Retention

Organisational coaching can also help with employee retention. Given the added attention and investment placed on not only employees but also the longevity of the wider business, the sentiment bleeds out to everyone involved with the brand. This means:

  • Employees will feel more rewarded in their roles and be happy to pursue their careers further.
  • Partners will enjoy more flourishing relationships and be happy to continue the collaboration.
  • Customers will receive a superior experience with your offerings, lending to ongoing brand advocacy and recurring purchases.

These improvements in retention can save companies a considerable amount of money in turnover and acquisition costs.

Higher Accountability

Organisational coaching can also increase accountability within a business. Team members and leaders who are held accountable for their actions can identify the reasons behind any shortcomings and engage in the appropriate development with the business coach. In turn, all members of an organisation become more likely to take ownership of their work and be committed to meeting goals. This leads to improved performance and results and a better sense of honesty throughout the workplace.

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