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Employees Are 10x More Likely to Leave Their Jobs Due to Toxic Behaviors in the Workplace Than to Leave Over Other Factors

Workplace culture is a more powerful reason for your team to LEAVE than what they are paid. ​

COVID has amplified the need for organizations to pay attention to the physical and mental health of their employees. ​ ​

An individual-focused wellness program is a starting place, yet will NOT solve the challenges of burnout and attrition. ​

If we take the functional medicine approach and seek to identify the root cause of burnout and attrition, this McKinsey study reveals that we MUST look at leadership. ​

And this is where FEAR enters the equation and most organizations abruptly put on the brakes. ​ ​


Because it’s much easier and more comfortable to focus on others and what they need to do to remedy an issue than to reflect on how we as leaders are shaping the culture.

Is there individual responsibility for burnout? ​

Yes. ​

Is there institutional responsibility for burnout? ​

Yes. ​

If we want to retain top talent, exceed our goals, foster engagement, and encourage productivity, it begins with acknowledging that we cannot “yoga our way out of these challenges,” with gift cards, a more vibrant EAP, free access to a meditation app, and more training on how to manage your time.​

If you are nodding your head and know it’s time to get to work on increasing retention, engagement, and productivity while reducing turnover, reach out for a chat. ​

I’m curious, what are your thoughts on tackling burnout and the connection with leadership?

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