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4 Crucial Things to Do to Reshape Your Life and Achieve Your Goals

We all know how it feels to be stuck in a rut and not know how to break free from it. It’s easy for life to grow mundane, and we find ourselves wishing that things would change around us. However, if you want your life to change, you will have to be the one to create it! In this article, we’re going over four crucial steps that will help reshape your life and start achieving your goals.

Start by Setting Life Goals

If you have no idea where you are trying to go with your life, how can you ever get there? This isn’t a time to be conservative, but frame your goal setting in a way that is SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable/Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound. You want to set realistic targets so that the chances of success increase dramatically (and not cause stress and feelings of failure). Make sure these goals make sense for you – do not be afraid or ashamed, and most certainly do not persue goals for someone else’s benefit.

Recognise & Minimise Procrastination

When you are juggling work, family commitments, and everything else crammed into your life, it can be so easy to put things off and have the ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ mentality. But once you start doing this over and over again, you will find yourself in a highly unproductive and unfulfilled state. Set up a rigorous routine where you can strive to complete more in a timely manner without having the need to frantically rush or stress. Find strategies that work best for you, such as deadlines when starting tasks, breaking projects down into smaller sub-tasks, and trying to minimise distractions like social media that can interrupt your flow.

Reframe Your Mindset & Influences

Mindset will likely be the biggest determining factor between success and failure. If you are constantly telling yourself that your goal is unachievable or simply too big to attempt, then that is the situation you will manifest. Alternatively, if you reinforce your abilities and have some faith in yourself, then you can overcome most obstacles with a consistent recipe of dedication and effort.

Now, it is normal to feel negative emotions, either just for minutes or spanning days, but it is important to recognise the impact they have on our mindset – namely how they prevent us from operating at 100%. The same can be said for negative people having a big influence on your life, whether you realise it or not. Through a phenomenon known as emotional contagion, we can take on some of their traits and characteristics, and even feel the way they do by proximity alone. If there are certain friends who make you feel bad about yourself, or events and situations that cannot be immediately addressed, then distance yourself from them as quickly as possible.

Engage with a Mindset & Goal Setting Coach for Aid

Creating change in your life is a difficult task, especially when you’e attempting it alone.  When engaging in change, there might arise some obstacles like lack of motivation or procrastination which need additional support from specialists. A mindset and goal setting coach is a professional who can help you change your belief system, so it becomes easier for you to set goals and achieve them on your own. NextThought have a range of services from a talented goal setting and mindset coach available to help you achieve real change. Contact us for more information today.

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