At some point in our lives, we will all face obstacles that we struggle to overcome. Some of us will encounter challenges that we simply cannot face alone, requiring a stream of support and guidance to help us through the difficult times.

With NextThought, you can have access to quality business and personal coaching sessions, helping you to visualise and set goals that you want to pursue, bolstered by the support of an experienced life coach and career advisor in the Belmont area.

My name is Janelle Cameron, and I founded NextThought to provide my clients with the guidance they needed to challenge both society’s expectations, as well as their own, surrounding how they can grow as individuals and live their best lives. Whether you are looking for personal coaching or business coaching support, we at NextThought guarantee a tailored experience to help you reach your maximum potential.

Partner with a Professional Career Advisor & Life Coach at NextThought

I am excited to work with my Belmont clientele by offering them personal and business coaching sessions built around my decades of experience and passion for helping others. After 35 years as an educator, career advisor and life coach, I have created a direct teaching method to support my clients as they strive to meet their life goals, using an IMPACT instructional design model. Employing peer-to-peer formats, I create a comfortable environment where individuals feel safe and supported to explore the areas they are hoping to effect change in the most.

Thanks to video conferencing applications like Zoom, I am able to work with my Belmont clients in personal coaching sessions wherever they are, and at the time of day that suits them. I know that each of us has our own preferred means of contact, which is why I offer my services over the phone, via email, using online platforms, or meeting in person. Whatever the format, I am committed to offering high-quality services, up to date resources and ongoing guidance to ensure that my clients are prepared for the challenges ahead.

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Sometimes realising that we need support in making substantial changes in our lives can be the hardest part of the journey. Discover whether our NextThought ethos and structure are what you are looking for with a free, 30-minute one to one assessment and planning session with a qualified career advisor and life coach.

To learn more about personal and business coaching services in Belmont through NextThought, contact me at 0400 929 181 or email me at [email protected] today.