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I can help with students.

  • Life COACH: Using the IMPACT methodology to teach you where necessary new ways of thinking and guide you to how to emotionally transformation your own life.
  • Educator FACILITATOR: Accessing thirty–five years of experience teaching with fifteen of those as Leader in Education Queensland. I was one of the first elearning leaders. I facilitated face to face professional learning with online support to large numbers of teachers across Australia.
  • MENTOR: Peer to peer to unblock obstacles to exceed goals.
  • Inspirational SPEAKER: From Despair to Daring to Dream – a personal story
  • Tutor: Teach students how to communicate effectively to empower them to succeed. Be a guide on the side while they learn to access the learning opportunities provided by their teacher.

I have decades of experience in teaching, assessment and feedback. Let me help you and your children/teenagers become empowered to achieve in all areas of life to their potential.

Old thinking patterns creep into our minds. You will receive resources and online support networks so that you stay on track with the new thinking patterns I can teach you. As we know your next thought will determine your next outcomes!

You deserve a better life than what’s been given to you by default. It starts with one thought at a time, yes, sounds Easy? It doesn’t end there.

If this was so easy everyone would be happy, healthy and living free from stress. Research shows that greater changes occur for longer when we are supported during the first stages of change.

Why choose NextThought to help you?

What sets NextThought apart is:

  • The teaching methods. This is where my decades of teaching young, teenage and adult learners sets me apart from the other ‘life coaches.’
  • The types of questions posed assist you to dig deep and challenge the subconscious unresourceful patterns of thinking and reacting.
  • The support you receive. I firmly believe everyone needs a cheerleader. Read my brief bio and you will see that I have been through significantly challenging social, psychological and professional challenges. There are many reasons I have been able to overcome so much pain in my life.
  • The main one though is that I have had the caring, loving people who have championed me when even I did not think I deserved it.!
  • I know what you need. I am committed to providing this level of support that is customised and personally and regularly delivered to you via Zoom. I offer one on one and then group support. I believe all the people in your past have loved you into being.

Maybe you were like me and were raised in a family that, (for whatever reason) did not allow you to develop your ability to “think”. There is no blame attached to this outcome.It is not about looking back and assigning blame it is about how it is necessary to acknowledge this and become responsible for our own learning how to think!

As a Tutor, Mentor or Coach Regardless of the role you assign me) think or me as a Guide to:

  • Facilitate how to think
  • Inspirer of new thinking
  • Mismatcher to test veracity of ideas and strength of commitment
  • Challenger of ineffective strategies
  • Provoker by providing ideas
  • Reflector of current thinking
  • Collaborator in invention and plans
  • Champion of what works…

How exciting is that! Can you feel the changes in your body as you contemplate taking the first steps. Or can you only see failure at another attempt.

Do you stand in the newsagency looking at the beautifully published magazines? They are all competing for your attention. They will promise that if you buy, eat, read, do something you will get a lift and change. Yes you will! We all know how to be healthy, mind, body and soul!

At NextThought you will be lovingly supported as you begin to learn to think differently and then change your actions.

'Are you satisfied with your life. Have you achieved your goals?  Do you spend time thinking about what’s next in your life? You know that the next step is going to be difficult, uncomfortable hard even. However, there is a small voice telling you that if you don’t take that next step you will regret it. Remember that Change isn’t by chance it’s by choice'

- Sharon Pearson 

I’m so grateful that I have the life I have today and it is all because on 7 July 1998 I chose to make a change. Let me guide you through different thinking models so you can determine your next! It is gratitude that drives my mission to give back to people just a smidge of what I’ve been given.

'Did you know that,’ Everyone thinks they think.'

- Sharon Pearson 

Here are the names of a few we can use to approach thinking from different angles and perspectives.
  • Purposeful
  • Strategic
  • Big picture
  • Sustainable
  • Multi-dimensional
  • Possibility
  • Necessity
  • Innovative
  • Focused
  • Creative
  • Reflective
  • Sequential
  • Generous
  • Extra mile…
Often thinking is confused with remembering.

How can remembering how we acted in past situations help us in new ways. You’ve got to agree there is so much to consider it can be overwhelming. Let me guide you to discover different ways of thinking.

Give it a title, My Wheel of Life, Divide it into 8 equal parts. Label each triangle as follows. As you do this think about the level of satisfaction you have within these sections. The triangles are not representing the actual time we spend each category but they all make up our lives. Make up your own category if you think an important part of your life is not represented under these broad categories. Write the number that represents the level of satisfaction. Well Done you have come a step closer to bringing reality into your conscious mind. Were you surprised by any of the numbers?

Use this model for Change. It is the DARE “methodology. It is based on the principle that action without change in thinking results in the same action and no change.” Meta Dynamics The Coaching Institute .p 59

Take up the offer of a complimentary 30 minute one to one assessment and planning session.

During this time we will start to identify areas in your life you are ready to begin changing. I’ll show you the type  of online materials you can access. Next, I will provide the key to success by adding the value of one on one support. This can be achieved in a variety of modes, telephone, email face to face or via Zoom.

I’ve been there, I know how I recovered and have thrived. Let me be your champion until you can champion yourself. I already believe everyone deserves to feel free from despair. Let me help you too, go from despair to daring to live out your dream.

Read more now for more information about my services or call +61 400929181 for more information about how to access your free assessment and plan for action!

Call or text  +61 400929181 today for more information. Send me an email [email protected] if you’d like more information about my services!

Why Choose NextThought. Life Coaching?

What is it that separates me from other coaches? If you recognise that all lasting change starts with changing our thinking then, there is a great chance we are going to be able to be productive. The first 45 minute session is free, as it is important that we are both feel excited to embark on this exploration together.

I have a 35 year work history with Education. This means that my personal and professional ethics can be trusted. I have a current Education Queensland registration. I am also a student at The Coaching Institute and a current Member of The International Coach Guild.

I’ve transformational work in my personal and professional life with outstanding results. As a consequence of my life experiences I have guided and supported hundreds of students and adults, just like you to embed real transformation in their lives.

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