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Do you want to change your life? Change your thinking, change your life!

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Do you run out of motivation? Is your life out of control? 

Are others dominating your life? Do your school age students need help with school?

This free quiz will give your some insights into how your thinking might be holding you back in achieving you the life you deserve.

Book a free assessment and planning session to find out how I can teach and support you to Dare to Live your Dreams every day of your life!

Tutor – Mentor – Coach

Life Coach

Using the IMPACT methodology to teach you necessary new ways of thinking and guide you to how to emotionally transformation your own life.

Educator Facilitator

Accessing thirty – five years of experience teaching with fifteen of those as Leader in Education Queensland.

Inspirational Speaking

From Despair to Daring to Dream – a personal story


Teach students how to communicate effectively to empower them to succeed. Be a guide on the side while they learn to access the learning opportunities provided by their teacher.


Peer to peer to unblock obstacles to exceed goals

Do you feel stuck?

Is your thinking stuck and are you feeling tired of not achieving your goals? Do you feel like you are on a treadmill and can’t get off to make a clean break? Or when you embark on a new plan does your ‘old’ self talk take over? Does your resolve weaken and you end up giving in to your cravings for food, alcohol, drugs shopping sex, gambling…

Or , have you given up making goals? Is it too painful to continually break your promises to yourself?

We hear so much about mindset and being positive! If this was all that was involved the human race would be in different shape.

At NextThought. we believe it is by being supported while changing your thinking that sets you up for sustainable change that can lead to the true transformation you deserve.

What sets NextThought. apart is how you will be guided, supported and challenged in a customised supportive environment. 

I can help you master your own thoughts and choices. Let me help you discover yourself as your own source of inspiration. 

How you think will determine your outcomes in life.

Take this free scientifically/ researched quiz to find out your thinking style. This will give you immediate information to act on.

As they say, ‘change your thinking change your life’!

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Unlock your potential with life coaching in Brisbane

Want to set yourself up for lasting change? At NextThought, I am here to support and encourage you to critically examine your thinking through my life coaching services.

If you’d like to know how I can inspire and empower you to change your mindset, realise your full potential and live your dreams, book a free assessment and planning session with me today.

Feeling stuck? My life coaching services can set you on the right path

Are you fed up with not achieving your goals? Do you feel as though you’re trapped on a treadmill, and you can’t break free of it to make a fresh start? Breaking the cycle can be hard when you have various forces weakening your resolve, tempting your cravings and causing you to abandon your goals. I can help you to break the shackles of negative influences, including alcohol addiction and drug addiction.

What you can expect from the process

There are often misconceptions about the process. Some people think it’s all about lectures, advice and tell you what to do. My services couldn’t be further from those perceptions. My job is not to invigorate you with slogans – instead, I’ll create a customised program just for you based on proven methods that produce results.

I’m here to guide, support and challenge you in an environment that’s entirely tailored to meet your needs. Through this partnership, I can help you:

  • Improve your self-control
  • Develop goal-setting skills
  • Master your anxiety
  • Change a negative mindset to a positive one
  • Decrease stress through mindfulness 

Achieve your career and business goals

The concept of business mentoring is similar to how a professional athlete works under the guidance of an experienced expert to hone and improve their skills. As your career coach, I can help you develop the goals and mindset you need to succeed in your chosen industry, or to branch off and create your own thriving small business. I will help you to master your thoughts and choices. Let me help you discover yourself as your own source of inspiration. Start by taking my free quiz to get insight into how your thinking is keeping you from attaining your dreams. To start the process and have all your questions answered, get in touch with me today. I’m available for appointments via Zoom – so no matter where you are, I’m here to help you.

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